The reality of an enterprise is that any organization needs a team that is well-versed in technology to improve productivity and efficiency. All successful companies around the globe have built their entire concept of doing business on information technology that specializes in enterprise software solutions, including various applications designed to efficiently support all of a company’s essential functions and operations. That’s exactly what SAP provides, and that’s exactly what TMC (SAP Gold Partner) envisions to improve through SAPed. Upskilling the workforce and aiming to create a stronger SAP community in Pakistan.

TallyMarks Consulting (TMC) has been one of the pioneers of Business Intelligence in Pakistan and has become one of the largest System Integrator companies in the region. To improve consultants’ knowledge and develop a culture of constant learning and improvement about SAP, TMC proposed the idea of initiating a community, SAPed – an SAP-centered community.

SAP Community

An idea that is for the SAP community by the SAP community.

This initiative is not about TMC but rather an idea for the SAP community, by the SAP community. SAPed helps the Pakistani SAP community enhance its mission to augment digital transformation in a way that adds value and improves efficiency in consultants’ business operations. It provides the opportunity to exchange ideas, experience, and knowledge around SAP via the events, conferences, community’s website, social media participation, and mentoring circles.

To advance SAPed’s mission, it has introduced its flagship event, ‘The SAPed conferences,’ to create a network of stronger SAP talent forces in Pakistan. The SAPed conferences are a 3 chapter structured event taking place across Pakistan’s major metropolitan cities, i.e. Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. It aims to bring together a diverse group of personnel from various industries. It features keynote speeches from well-known business leaders and stimulating focus group sessions led by consultants who are specialists in their field.

The Mega Event: SAPed Conference

The SAP community jump-start event, the first SAPed Conference took place in Karachi on March 31, 2022, which brought SAP consultants and developers, IT experts from leading companies in Pakistan, users of SAP solutions, and aspiring SAP enthusiasts on one platform which proved to be a massive success. The conference took off with an exuberant opening ceremony that included the introduction of SAPed and a welcome keynote by the Country Managing Director of SAP Pakistan, Saquib Ahmed. The conference was followed by several sessions delivered by executives from prominent organizations and a panel discussion about ‘SAP skills in the changing landscape of IT’. The conference also included an informal networking session that allowed participants to delve into conversations about their experience and knowledge about how SAP has helped solve pressing business dilemmas. To entertain guests with niche SAP-oriented topics from ‘Business Transformation with SAP’ to ‘SAP Analytics Cloud’, the conference also included several focus group sessions to enhance a deeper understanding of it. The event was closed by a celebratory lunch. This mega event is coming to Lahore next, scheduled in July 2022 and it is planned to be even bigger and better.

SAPed’s venture doesn’t end there. To ensure this community remains linked, SAPed arranged focused sessions to enhance this network’s initiative. For example, ABAP Day and FICO Day were hosted, which were targeted for specific niches concentrated sessions. Such sessions help further narrow down individuals’ interests so they can gain the knowledge about SAP module they’re looking for. There are also plans to hold several virtual events and webinars, so that distance can never become an issue for a SAPed community member to experience the SAPed world.

To sum up, SAPed’s unrivaled brilliance comes in its identification of the urgent need to establish an association of SAP community that values limitless development of SAP abilities and its subsequent determination to establish a secure environment where such ideas can freely connect, resonate, and grow. The enhancement of the familial feelings within the community was an indication of our success in keeping our pledge to nurture and unite the SAP community in Pakistan through SAPed.

Here’s to celebrating growth, perseverance, commitment, and technology. And many more events under SAPed, each bigger and better than the last!

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